Git workflow in Databricks


If you are still using Daipe in Workspace / locally, use this guide instead.


  • Enable 'Files in Repos' in your Databricks workspace at Settings -> Admin Console -> Workspace Settings
  • Set up a GitHub personal access token
    • In your Databricks workspace at Settings -> User Settings -> Git Integration select GitHub as a provider and use your new token here

Create feature branch and work on it

Open the Git menu (branch name next to the repo name, or right click) and checkout a new feature branch:

Commit your work to GIT repository

After making changes to your feature branch you can commit the changes in the Git menu:

Merging the feature branch with your main branch

After you are done with the changes, open a Pull Request into your main branch back in your repository on GitHub:

Adding, updating or removing a project dependency

To add, update or remove a dependency you need to:

  1. Open a dbx_poetry notebook in the root of your project.
  2. Run the Cmd 1 to show Widgets.
  3. Select the add/update/remove action in the first widget and the desired package in the second.
  4. Run the rest of the commands
  5. If you rerun %run bootstrap in your notebooks, the new dependencies should be available
  6. The updated project should then be pushed to a central repository so that other team members can pull it and have the same dependencies.


  • Ran dbx_poetry notebook as described above

  • Expected diff in pyproject.toml on commit

  • Expected diff in poetry.lock on commit